Monday, 22 April 2013

Making Simple EH 27 Antena for 27mhz

Today i will share how to make simple EH 27 antena for 27mhz or 11 meter band, let's  see below for simple schematic EH 27 home made antena.

Fig for EH 27 Antena

SWR Testing on frequency  27.105 Mhz to 27.605 Mhz with 25 Watt power  from CB radio :

                                                   EH27 ANTENA SWR POWER TEST

                                             EH27 ANTENA  SWR TEST  1:1:0 VSWR

Ok Everyone, that's all I can tell about  homebrew EH 27 Antena for 27Mhz, and please rest you modify the antena by yourself to be better and better until get very good SWR. thanks and happy homebrew experiment.... 73's....

Monday, 18 March 2013